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Insite National Bank

About Us

Cedar Security Bank was formed in September, 1984, as a result of the collapse of the Commonwealth Savings Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. Following the collapse, Co-op Credit Associations across Nebraska were given a choice: Convert to banks/credit unions (insured by federal insurance programs, FDIC) or close their doors.

Considered too small by the FDIC individually, the Fordyce Co-op Credit Association joined forces with the Wynot Co-op Credit Association to form Cedar Security Bank, with locations in both Fordyce and Wynot, NE, with opening assets totaling just over $4,000,000. Stockholders in the former Co-op Credit Associations became stockholders in the newly-formed bank. To this day, Cedar Financial Holding (Cedar Security Bank’s parent company) maintains a stockholder base of over 400 individuals.

In 1987, Cedar Security Bank purchased another building in Wynot to open the Cedar Security Insurance Agency. In 1994, the bank experienced further growth with the opening of a Loan Production Office (LPO) in Hartington, NE. The LPO was later converted to a full-service branch in 1997. To date, Cedar Security Bank continues to operate out of these same three locations in Fordyce, Hartington and Wynot.

As it was in the Co-op credit days, Cedar Security Bank is proud to serve our communities and the people in and around them. Whether you are in need of a simple savings account for a new grandchild, a car for the new college student or a million dollar operating line, come see us.

We have over 400 shareholders rooting for your success.